12 Ways to Up Your Holiday Wrapping Game

12 Ways to Up Your Holiday Wrapping Game
  1. Design your own gift wrap - Use sites like Wrappily to create your own wrapping paper. From photos to word searches, there are tons of options.
  2. Add natural elements - Add a sprig of pine, mistletoe, pinecones, or poinsettias to brighten up any gift.
  3. Create cookie tags - The sweetest gift tag you’ll ever receive!
  4. Create paper animals - Use different colors of craft paper to make your box resemble a cute holiday animal like a penguin or reindeer.
  5. Wrap your box with twine - This gives the packaging a rustic feel, and it can be easily reused!
  6. Chalkboard wrapping - Black craft paper and white paint pens add a cool chalkboard feel to any gift.
  7. Gift baskets - Use unconventional containers like baskets wrapped in darker cellophane to maintain the surprise inside.
  8. Tissue paper fringe - Add a little texture and snow effect to any gift bag with fringe tissue paper attached to the outside of the bag.
  9. Reusable wrapping cloth - Taking inspiration from Japanese art, this is a cool and eco-friendly way of packaging your gifts.
  10. Stamped tissue paper or wrapping paper - Buy a stamp from your local craft store or create one from a potato to make your own stamped paper!
  11. Candy bows - Using candy like M&M’s or Skittles, simply tie a string around the center of the bag to create a bow for your package!
  12. Create your own uniquely shaped packaging - A fun alternative to traditional square or rectangular boxes, take two pieces of thick paper to create your desired shape and sew the two pieces together.


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