25 Fun, Unique Things to Do at Home

25 Fun, Unique Things to Do at Home

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of blankly staring at screens a whole lot more than usual now that we’re staying at home all day. Okay, many of us are guilty, but I’m here to remind you that there’s more to the homebody life than binging Tiger King all night.

Even though we’re sheltering at home for an indefinite amount of time, we’re privileged to have access to endless forms of entertainment and education to keep us engaged. Just a simple Google search can lead to tutorials on just about any skill you can imagine.

I hope that you’ll be able to discover a new passion or hobby to relieve stress and bring some light into your everyday life, whether you’re a parent who’s juggling working from home and entertaining your kids or an essential worker who is out there serving others (thank you). Stay safe, friends!

1. Learn the choreography to your favorite song via a Youtube tutorial.

Even those who lack coordination (ahem, referring to myself here) can find learning choreography to be an exciting challenge that can be incorporated into your daily routine. Practice makes perfect, so by the end of this pandemic, you might just become a dancing master!

2. Create your own comic book.

I know you have plenty of imagination tucked into that brain! All you need to create your own comic book is a pen and paper (and, well, a ruler if you want to be neat).

3. Learn a new language.

What will it be: German, Spanish, French, Korean, or something entirely different? The more languages you learn, the more you’ll be able to connect to people of different cultures. I recommend Duolingo, a free app where you can learn a new language effectively.

4. Start a vegetable garden.

I’ve found myself quite jealous of people who already have a bountiful vegetable garden during this time. I mean, not having to worry about keeping your distance from everyone (often times, in a narrow aisle) at the grocery store in order to protect yourself and others from a deadly virus? Amazing.

Anyway, if you’re ready to begin your pursuit of growing veggies, watch this helpful video from lifestyle blogger Carrie Rad to get started.

5. Create themed playlists and share them with friends.

Let’s throw it back to the time when we all made mixtapes to share with our friends, except make it 2020-style: Spotify playlists.

6. Camp in your backyard.

Spending so much time indoors can make even the biggest hermits a little stir-crazy. Why not set up camp in your own backyard and enjoy the stars and fresh air? If you don’t have a backyard, you can try setting up a little fort in your living room to shake up that monotony.

7. Start a virtual book club via webcam.

Many find reading to be an escape from our hectic reality, so why not connect with others while you’re at it? Form a book club that meets on Zoom, and take turns picking a new book.

8. Learn calligraphy or hand-lettering.

Honestly, what can’t you learn from Youtube nowadays? Here’s a tutorial for beginners on hand-lettering and calligraphy. Many people who practice calligraphy consider it to be a therapeutic activity that engages their creativity. Plus, imagine all the people you can impress in the future with your beautiful handwritten notes!

9. Upcycle old clothes.

Whether it means chopping your neglected jeans into a cute pair of shorts or adding some embellishments to a button-up, upcycling your old clothes is an inexpensive (and possibly free) way to bring new life to your wardrobe.

10. Draw a self-portrait.

Get that pencil and paper out! If you don’t feel like staring at yourself in the mirror, you can draw your pet or perhaps an inanimate object of your choice.

11. Start an Instagram account for your pet.

It can be a fun project to take photos of your beloved furbaby, think of witty captions, and post them on IG.

12. Have your own Chopped-style competition in your kitchen.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Food Network TV show Chopped, the premise is that chefs compete against one another by transforming a set of mystery ingredients into delicious, innovative dishes. With the unpredictable availability of certain ingredients at grocery stores nowadays, it seems like just the perfect time to have your own competition with your spouse or housemate.

13. Learn how to cross-stitch.

Adorn your walls with your very own handmade art! Cross-stitching is a relaxing hobby that you pick up easily compared to other embroidery methods. Ready to get started? You can find many cross-stitch kits online for under $20.

14. Paint with Bob Ross on Netflix.

If you have a Netflix subscription, Bob Ross has two shows on there with endless painting tutorials. From my own past experience, my friends and I had to pause an episode multiple times to catch up with him, turning a 30-minute tutorial into a four-hour experience. Definitely save this for a relaxing night when you have plenty of time on your hands!

15. Try a new workout video every day on Youtube.

Sticking to the same 30-minute Pilates video a few times a week can get boring, so challenge yourself to find a new workout video to try every day and get those muscles working. I’ve been enjoying POPSUGAR Fitness‘s large variety of free exercise videos.

16. Declutter your space using the KonMari method.

If you managed to avoid the Marie Kondo craze of early 2019, now’s the time to spark some joy and clean up that room. You have time for it.

17. Start daily meditation practice.

Anxiety is at an all-time high with so many uncertainties in the state of our world. Getting into meditation can seem intimidating (how do you silence your thoughts?), but many apps like Calm and Headspace have made it easy.

18. Host a stand-up comedy night with your housemates.

Humor makes almost every situation better. Instead of watching yet another Netflix comedy special, become a comedian for a night and crack your best jokes.

19. Host a poetry night with your housemates.

Don’t feel like becoming a comedian? How about a poet? You and your housemates can agree on a theme to center your poems around and take turns reciting them. Make sure to show your support with some snaps.

20. Pickle. Everything.

Get those mason jars ready. Just about any vegetable can be pickled, and it takes just a few steps and ingredients. Find those instructions here.

21. Start a blog.

It can be about anything! Flex those writing muscles, share some photography, and discuss anything you’re passionate about. You can start your own blog for free on websites like Wix or WordPress.

22. Organize your old photo album or start a new one.

Physical photo albums seem to have become a thing of the past due to social media, but it’s not too late to revive it! Check out online photo printing services like Parabo Press or Shutterfly.

23. Find freelance opportunities online.

Put your skills to good use during your free time. Whether you’re a designer, a writer, or a great teacher, you can find freelance opportunities on sites like Upwork or Fiverr.

24. Work on a puzzle (or create your own).

Engage your mind with a challenging puzzle. No puzzle? No problem, create your own puzzle by drawing out any type of art and cutting it into different shapes!

25. Foster an animal from your local shelter.

Countless animal shelters are currently seeking foster parents, so if you have the resources to do so, consider bringing an animal in need into your home while you’re stuck at home all day anyway! I sure would if my anti-social cat didn’t despise every other cat in the world.

What activity do you want to try out? Let us know!