3 Powerful Lessons Learned from Being a Mom

3 Powerful Lessons Learned from Being a Mom

Whether it’s mom strength, mom vision, or mom radar, mothers prove themselves to be actual superheroes day in and day out. Moms seem to just know everything, from helping with homework to their teen’s favorite window to sneak out of.

Of course, moms deserve all the credit they get (times a thousand), but sometimes it’s the tots that do the teaching. Beyond realizing their ability to function on just one hour of sleep, mothers tend to learn a whole lot about themselves—and about life’s great mysteries—while raising their children. We asked a few of our favorite moms to share the hardest, biggest, and most meaningful lessons they’ve learned since becoming moms. Read on for their sweet answers (and adorable pictures).

1. Give yourself grace.


“The biggest lesson that I’ve learned from being a first-time mom is to give myself grace. I am enough, and my son won’t remember all of the material things that I’ve provided to him. But that I was there for him emotionally and physically!” – Kiara, @kiarajofficial

2. Embrace the art of surrender.

Photo by @dagphotog

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned from being a mom is the art of surrender. There’s so much gracious ‘letting go’ that motherhood demands of you. Surrendering your expectations, surrendering your time, your body, your personal space… letting go of anxiety, ‘what if’s’, and ‘should be’s’… and embracing the right now.

I’ve learned that if I just take the time to breathe in exactly who my daughter is and where we are in life right now, I get the most overwhelming joy and love and fulfillment out of motherhood. It’s truly the greatest journey I’ve ever been on, and I’m still learning so much every day.” – LJ, @ljbehlmann

3. Go with the flow.


“I’ve learned to be content. I was a perfectionist who liked to have things go as planned. But since I’m a mom, I have learned to let things go with the flow and enjoy what today will bring. Sometimes life is even more beautiful than what you visualized in your mind, because great things come unexpectedly. It is ridiculous that a two-year-old was the one who taught me this life lesson!” – Katt, @ourlittlemoi

To all the mamas out there: what’s been your biggest lesson going through motherhood? Leave a comment below—we’d love to read it!