5 Simple Steps to Brighten Up a Cloudy Mood

5 Simple Steps to Brighten Up a Cloudy Mood

We’ve all had one of those days. One of those “I spilled coffee on myself, couldn’t find my car keys, had four meetings at work, got stuck in crazy traffic, then got locked out of the apartment” kind of days. You know the ones.

While what induces stress can be different for everyone, we all know the feeling of needing to unwind, de-stress, and let those cumbersome feelings go so that you can focus on what really matters: you!

I’m sharing my five favorite ways to unwind after a whirlwind day. Sometimes, I remind myself that despite the fact that I listened to my music out loud for over ten minutes in public before realizing my headphones weren’t plugged in (not ideal), I’ve still got it pretty good.

1. Look to the future!

Motivation can be a great de-stressor. Sometimes taking a deep breath and thinking of all the great things you have planned on the horizon is a reminder that today is not the be-all and end-all. And if you can’t think of your next exciting plan, make one! Text a friend, RSVP to that event, or fit a fun activity into tomorrow’s schedule. Making plans for the future and looking past the present, stressful situation is a reminder of all the amazing things that are to come.

2. Pamper yourself—whatever that may mean for you!

For me, it’s anything from re-doing my (most definitely chipped) manicure, spending quality time with my favorite colorful bath bomb and face mask, and blasting my favorite album. For you, it may be re-reading a chapter of your favorite book, relaxing with a TV show or movie, or spending some quality time practicing your personal hobby. Whatever it may be for you, put on your coziest pajamas and find your happy place.

3. Go on a walk or exercise

Get moving! Freeing your mind and moving forward can come from literally moving forward and leaving your worries behind you. Treat yourself to a nature walk, a walk around your neighborhood, or a run if you really want to get moving. A visit to the gym or a walk to your local park can refocus your mindset. It’s important to treat exercise as a positive part of your day rather than just another task to complete.

Treating exercise as a positive part of your day rather than another task to complete allows you to truly reap its benefits!

4. Cook (or take out) your favorite meal

It’s called comfort food for a reason! Cooking a hearty meal takes your mind off of your day by giving yourself a new task to focus on. Give that recipe you’ve been meaning to try a chance, or recreate your favorite home-cooked meals. Include all the food groups so that you leave the meal feeling happy, healthy, and fulfilled. Whether it’s crafting a culinary masterpiece in your kitchen or making a special trip to your favorite takeout spot, prepare or share a meal that gives you warmth and comfort.

5. Call a friend you haven’t chatted with in a while

Still not over this crazy day? Talk it out! Call a family member or friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with. Reconnecting can help you talk out your worries and gain a new perspective. Chatting with a loved one is a great way to turn a negative day into a positive one.

What’s been stressing you out? What will you do to fix it? Comment below to share your thoughts with us.