5 Ways to Start the Day Energized

5 Ways to Start the Day Energized

Considering we’re all hardworking people, often times it can be difficult to feel fully rested even after a good night’s rest. Regardless of how much sleep you’re actually getting, sometimes it’s a bit difficult to really feel like you’re ready to take on the day! Here are five ideas to try if you want to feel even more rested and energized when you wake up.

1. Open up those windows, and let the birds sing!

It’s so much easier to get up if the sun is up with you! By opening your window, you’re allowing your body to get used to the feeling of the light. Our bodies are naturally trained to want to be awake when the sun is out, so letting the natural light fill up your room is a surefire way to make sure you can spring into the day.

2. Start the day with some stretches!

A lot of people begin their days with yoga or another form of stretching because of the relaxing nature that comes with it. Stretching your body allows it to wake up and releases a lot of tension, which, ultimately, will not only help you to feel a lot more awake in the mornings, but will also increase your ability to focus throughout the day!

3. Use a blue light filter.

Make sure that if you use your phone or laptop before you go to sleep, you have it set to filter out the blue light. Obviously, it’s super unrealistic to say that we all don’t use our phones and computers right before bed, and that’s why the blue light filter feature exists! It’ll make sure that the light hitting your eyes won’t impact your ability to naturally fall asleep, therefore making it a lot easier to wake up in the mornings because you won’t be too crazy distracted right before bed!

4. Turn on some rockin’ music!

One of the best ways to wake up and start the day is to turn on some happy tunes to make your wake-up routine a lot easier. If they’re upbeat and catchy songs, you’ll begin to feel calm and happy, the way waking up in the morning should feel. Starting your day with positive affirmations, especially in the form of a peppy song, is bound to set the tone for the rest of the day with only positive vibes.

5. Add foods rich in vitamin B12 to your diet.

B12 is one of the coolest vitamins because it provides your body with supplements that help you to feel well-rested and energized, naturally. Because your body can’t make B12, it is essential that you get it from outside sources. A lot of meats and breakfast cereals have B12 in them, and eggs and milk both contain this vitamin to help your body naturally wake up.

Here’s to a good morning

While these are just five tips to help you wake up in the morning, we’re sure there are plenty more. Share below some of your favorite tips and tricks that help you feel energized and ready to take on the day!

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