6 Outdoor Activities that Feel Better During Fall

6 Outdoor Activities that Feel Better During Fall

Nothing says fall like crisp, autumn air. The colorful fall leaves, the refreshing cool breeze, and the coziness of fall apparel all make it so tempting to spend the day outside. There are certain outdoor activities that seem to be made for fall. I’ve compiled a list of fall-themed adventures that are perfect to enjoy before the winter chill creeps in, and the hibernation begins.

If you choose to participate in any of these outdoor activities, be sure to maintain the CDC recommended 6 feet of physical distance, to wear a mask, and to pack some “handy” hand sanitizer.

1. Nature walks among the leaves

Hiking is a great fall activity. The cooler weather means you can enjoy your walk without the blistering sun beating down on you. Hiking lets you get right into nature and experience the changing leaves first hand. Remember to bring plenty of water! On those days you want to get out into nature, but don’t have the time (or energy) for a hike, consider starting your morning with a casual walk around the neighborhood. A morning stroll is a great excuse to grab a PSL and get some steps in. The cool air is the refresher you need to get started on a busy day.

2. Cozying up with a bonfire

Looking for a way to warm up those chilly fall nights? A bonfire is the perfect outdoor activity. If you are able to safely do so, building a bonfire makes for a relaxing evening. It gives you the escape of camping without having to leave your backyard. Bring marshmallows to make s’mores, sing your favorite campfire songs, and break out a book of scary stories. You can even call back to summer camp nights by playing campfire games like would you rather, or 20 questions.

3. Hosting an outdoor movie night

Turn your backyard into a DIY drive-in. Use a projector and screen (or white sheet) to set up an outside movie night. Bring lawn chairs and blankets to make it extra cozy, especially as the nights get colder. Stream a classic film, or play the newest episode of the Netflix show you are currently binging. It’s a great way to spice up the classic movie night. Remember to bring popcorn, leftover Halloween candy, or maybe just a warm mug of cocoa.

4. Going apple picking

Nothing says fall like apple picking. Finding an orchard near you is a great way to spend a day active and outdoors. As an extra bonus, you get to come home with tasty fresh apples that you chose yourself. Apple picking happens to be the perfect segue into my personal favorite fall activity: baking. Some of the most essential fall treats use apples. Homemade applesauce, caramel apples, and apple pie are just a few examples of the delicacies that can be made.

5. Planning a fall-themed picnic

Enjoy lunch under the trees with a fall-themed picnic. Picnics are perfect for when the sun decides to peek out and remind you of warm summer days. The most essential part of the picnic is bringing the perfect blanket to lounge on. Next, pack your basket with crackers, cheese, apple slices from your apple-picking venture, and other yummy snacks. Make the day last even longer by bringing your favorite book or magazine, drawing or coloring materials, or a card game to play when you finish eating.

6. Visiting a pumpkin patch

Pumpkin season doesn’t have to end just because Halloween is over. If you haven’t already visited a pumpkin patch during your Halloween festivities, it’s not too late to check out this classic fall activity. Some pumpkin patches have additional attractions for all ages, such as corn mazes and farm animals. Not to mention, the pumpkins always provide a perfect photo op. After picking out your favorite pumpkin, carve it, roast the pumpkin seeds, or simply use it as decoration through Thanksgiving.

Enjoy the season!

If you’re looking for a way to experience the outdoors without entering public areas, try going for a relaxing drive through a scenic route. This can allow you to experience the beautiful fall season privately. For the ultimate fall-themed day, mix and match these activities to your liking. End your hike with a relaxing picnic. Visit a pumpkin patch, and finish the evening with an outdoor screening. Finish up your drive and come home to a toasty bonfire. Just because the weather is getting cooler, doesn’t mean it’s too late to pack in all our favorite fall-tivities.

Do you have any other outdoor suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!