8 Ways to Sleep Cool During Summer

8 Ways to Sleep Cool During Summer

Oh, night sweats. I know you, I hate you, I want you out of my life. I moved into a new house in January. Well, not “new,” seeing as it was built in 1890, but the house is absolutely perfect. Bright kitchen, big backyard, front porch, big bathroom. The master bedroom is a dream, too, with four huge windows creating the most perfect sun-soaked atmosphere.

That’s how I felt in the dead of winter, at least. Now that it’s June, my bedroom is hot. Like, boiling lava hot. Like, “I’m pretty sure the sun has a grudge against me and me only” HOT. So, short of replacing my HVAC system, I set out to find out ways to help myself sleep in my bedroom comfortably.

1. Install blackout curtains

This was, far and away, the most effective solution. We invested in some good blackout curtains and put them up over all four windows. Although our bedroom is now a cave, the temperature remains significantly cooler (and it makes weekend movie marathons in bed possible thanks to the lack of glare).

2. Switch out the comforter

If you’re like me, you like to be covered at night. We keep our heat low in the winter specifically because we looove snuggling up under a warm, heavy comforter. In the summertime, though, we change it out for an ultra-light version. This allows us to maintain that creature comfort of being wrapped up, but also doesn’t trap the heat in quite as much as our heavy duty guy.

3. Fan it out (er, up)

This trick I got from my mom. She swears by the cross breeze. We have three A/C vents in our bedroom, two near the floor. We put fans next to both of those, pointing upwards and towards the bed, to create a sort of whirlwind of cold air that circulates around the room. This actually works better than I initially thought, but you have to remember to turn the fans on 30 minutes before you want to go to sleep, which is a weird routine to get into. It’s also rather breezy, which some people (me) find difficult to adjust to,

4. Change your sheets often

I know, I know, shouldn’t we do this all the time? Yes! But summertime is crucial. You know that feeling of slipping into bed with freshly changed sheets? How the bed feels cooler, lighter, and more comfortable? There’s actually since behind it. Newly changed sheets actually have a layer of air trapped in them, making them cooler and more fresh feeling. Plus, it’s been proven time and time again that we sleep better on clean sheets.

5. Try a cooling pillowcase

Not to toot our own horns, but we at Coop have considered this issue pretty significantly. So much so that we developed a cooling pillowcase designed specifically for hot sleepers. We use this custom cooling jacquard weave that actually works to regulate your body temperature. It’s a great solution for people who sleep hot all the time or just in the summer.

6. Ice, ice baby

Okay, I’m including this one, but I personally do not like it. Essentially, the internet suggests that you sleep with a cold pack around your neck which, like I get, but also I think it’s kind of gross. Because it’s gonna melt! And move!

That being said, I guess I can see myself using this tip in dire situations. Like “when it’s 3 a.m. and it’s so hot that I can’t get to sleep” dire. But in terms of sustainability, this idea seems pretty antiquated.

7. Loosen up

This one seems kind of obvious, but wearing oversize, loose-fitting clothing to bed is going to help keep you cool. And if you thought going to bed in nothing but your birthday suit was the best way to beat the heat, you may be mistaken. Quoted in the Daily Mail, sleep expert Dr. Neil Stanley says, “Pyjama fabric draws sweat away from your body and will make you feel a lot cooler and more comfortable.” Just make sure to don clothing made of natural fibers, such as cotton, linen, or silk.

8. Get a window unit

Yeah. I mean, if all else fails, and you’re only trying to cool one room in your upstairs, a window unit isn’t the worst idea. Yes, it will add to your electric bill, yes, it’s loud, yes, it’s annoying to install, but it will keep your bedroom actually, really cool. And it’ll cost significantly less than cranking the A/C all over the entire upstairs.