A Guide to Traveling in Comfort

A Guide to Traveling in Comfort

Whether you’re traveling to a different country or simply visiting friends and family back home this holiday season, the idea of being stuck in a cramped car or airplane for hours doesn’t appeal to very many people. As exciting as traveling can be, it can also be uncomfortable and stressful—but as they say, it’s the journey that matters, so make it a comfortable one with our advice.

In the car

In the car

If you’re going on a long road trip across a few states, there’s a strong chance that you’re already dreading the impending achiness of being in the car all day. The good news is that there are a few items you can use to make your experience a whole lot more bearable.

Support your posture and spine with a lumbar and seat cushion.

Slouching over in the car causes aches and sores that will have you cracking your back for days. We also dread that pins and needles sensation you get when you’re stuck in the same position for too long.

Opt for a lumbar cushion and seat cushion, the ultimate duo that will keep you properly aligned and completely pain-free throughout your car ride. Together, they’ll increase your blood circulation since your weight will be evenly distributed, support your spine for proper posture, provide pain relief, and allow you to be totally relaxed. Having bad posture actually drains you of your energy, so it’s especially important for drivers to be well-aligned to stay alert.

Wear non-constricting bottoms with a stretchy waistline.

Say no to bottoms with buttons or zippers, and choose a super comfy option like joggers, leggings, sweatpants, or a maxiskirt. Trust us, the long ride will be so much better without the unnecessary leg constriction. Tight clothing can affect your blood circulation, so trust us—the long ride will be so much better without the unnecessary leg constriction.

Bring your favorite blanket.

Don’t underestimate the power of a blanket! They’re especially nice when you’re enduring a long drive. Add on a neck pillow, and you’ll be set for a nap (unless you’re the driver, of course).

Pack your favorite snacks.

What’s a road trip without some snacks to go along with it? Some healthier options include hummus with bell pepper strips, popcorn, hard-boiled eggs and whole-wheat crackers, and a peanut butter sandwich.

On the plane

On the plane

Many factors can ruin your flight experience: crying babies, dry air, coughing neighbors, and more. Make sure to be well-equipped with these items to make sure you have the most pleasant experience possible.

Try the classic flight trio: U-shaped neck pillow, eye mask, and ear plugs.

You’ll be cozy and asleep in no time when you cradle your neck, block out the light, and silence the chatter.

Wear loose-fitting, breathable fabrics, and layer up!

To avoid overheating, cotton and linen are great fabrics to wear when you’re on the plane. Tie a sweatshirt, jacket, or flannel shirt around your waist in case you need extra warmth.

Bring a scarf.

A scarf is a multi-functional necessity, especially if you’re traveling to a cold destination. Aside from wrapping it around your neck, it can act as a pillow if you bunch it up behind your head, you can wrap it over your nose if your neighbor has some pungent body odor (or you got an unfortunate seat near the bathroom), and it can be an impromptu blanket to keep you toasty.

Put on a sheet mask.

Since airplanes circulate dry air throughout the entire flight, your skin will likely dry out and feel tight. Throw on a sheet mask for 20-30 minutes to hydrate your skin for a glowing complexion at touchdown.

Pack hand sanitizer, and try taking some immunity-boosting supplements.

Catching a cold or flu is never fun, and it sure can put a damper on your vacation. Make sure to bring along some hand sanitizer to kill germs while on the plane, and try some immunity-boosting supplements like Emergen-C or Airborne.

At the hotel

At the hotel

The cleanliness of hotel rooms is often questionable, so it’s important to pack some of your own bedding to make sure that you’re staying clean and comfy.

Bring along a sleeping bag liner.

Keep things hygienic and defend yourself from bed bugs and mysterious stains by packing a sleeping bag liner to spread across your bed before you sleep. Liners range in material from satin to fleece, so there’s many options for you to choose from.

Pack a travel pillow.

Hotel pillows can be too high or too low, too firm or too soft—and who knows the last time they were washed! Bring along your favorite travel sized pillow to keep you comfortable and aligned throughout the night. Our travel pillow is fully adjustable and comes with a compressible stuff sack so it can easily fit in your luggage.