Amazing Coop Product Hacks You Need to Try

Amazing Coop Product Hacks You Need to Try

Let us start by saying this: using Coop pillows and bedding for their intended purposes is truly the best way to go, but over the years we’ve discovered a few secondary (and rather clever) uses for quite a few of our Coop faves! Read on for several of our team’s favorite uses/hacks!

Use Your Body Pillow as a “Husband” Pillow

Coop Body Pillow
Body Pillow, $69.99

Remember the so-called husband pillows that were all the rage in the late 90s/early 00s? Although they’ve fallen out of vogue, the idea itself is a good one: a pillow that serves as a back and arm rest—perfect for propping yourself up for reading and movie watching.

As one of our brilliant team members discovered, by looping your Body Pillow around your waist, you get the exact same supportive effect as the “husband” pillow! Simply concentrate the stuffing toward the center, so your back is super supported and the sides naturally squish down enough to become arm rests. Netflix marathons in bed just got way better!

Toddler Pillows as Extra Throw Pillows

Toddler Pillow, $25.99

Throw pillows of all shapes and sizes are great, especially if you want that extra cozy feeling on your couch, chair, or bed.

Our 19” x 13” Toddler Pillow is a similar size to a lot of lumbar throw pillows, so finding a cute cover to match your decor shouldn’t prove too difficult! Whether you prefer a neutral linen look, a boho theme, or colorful florals, there are a ton of options out there. Plus, your sofa snoozes will get a little comfier!

Extra Fill as Stuffing for Plushies

This crafty hack is likely the cutest of the bunch. A creative genius from our creative department got into making super cute plushies over quarantine, and she used none other than a bag of leftover memory foam fill from her pillow she had lying around to stuff them with!

Not only are plushies stuffed with our fill adorable and ultra huggable, but you can feel confident gifting them to children thanks to all the rigorous standards we set for our memory foam.

Four Position Support Pillow as Footrest at Desk

Four Position Support Pillow, $24.99

This odd little hack was discovered by one of our HQ employees while working from home. While searching for some ergonomic footrests online, she noticed a lot of designs quite similar to our Four Position Support Pillow.

She slipped an extra pillowcase over her support pillow as not to get it dirty and was rather dumbfounded by how well it worked. The Four Position Support Pillow is actually larger than a lot of the under-desk foot rests she found online, making it suitable for more sizes of feet! Our clever employee ended up buying another support pillow, one exclusively for the floor! Maybe we should rename it the Five Position Support Pillow…

Pillow Protectors as Homes for Keepsakes

Pillow Protector, starting at $14.99

This little hack came as a result of cleaning out the attic. One of our team members found some precious pieces left to her by her late grandmother—a few items of clothing, an old photo album, and some trinkets. She also uncovered her grandmother’s wedding dress!

Wanting to preserve the wedding dress, this team member grabbed an extra king size Pillow Protector from her closet. Because they’re designed to protect pillows from dust, bacteria, and liquid, she figured it was a perfect place to keep her grandmother’s precious wedding dress. Now the dress is safely and comfortably inside a protective case rather than a dusty box in the attic.

Featured image: @moth3rhubbard