Five Eco-Friendly Habits for Sustainable Living

Five Eco-Friendly Habits for Sustainable Living

This April 22nd marks the 50th annual celebration of Earth Day! Earth Day is an important day to not only celebrate the Earth and all the amazing things it provides us, but also a day to remember the responsibility we have in taking care of it.

Because it is essential to maintain a lifestyle of social distancing for the time being, I have compiled the top five ways we can celebrate Earth Day independently by incorporating eco-friendly practices in our own homes. While changing up set daily routines can be a challenge, increased time at home could be the perfect opportunity to break old habits and make new ones which lead into a more sustainable lifestyle.

1. Compost at home

If you are looking for an eco-friendly practice that you can utilize everyday, try adding a compost bin to your home decor. Many small, kitchen-sized compost bins are available which allow you to store organic material in a way that can be returned to the earth, rather than thrown into the trash can. Items from banana peels to coffee grounds can be used to fertilize soil in an earth-friendly way, and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to participate. Learn more about the basics of composting here!

2. Grocery shop in style

While plastic bags have been banned completely in eight states within the U.S., many places still offer consumers paper bags or even plastic bags. A great way to avoid single-use plastic, or any bag fees, is to invest in reusable tote bags and grocery bags. If you are leaving the house to get your groceries, these bags can be reused far longer than paper or plastic. Tote bags made of recycled or natural materials can have less of an impact on the environment. If you are looking for an at-home craft, you can even sew a reusable bag out of old clothes or fabric.

3. Limit energy usage

For me, staying indoors means lots of screen time. While binging your favorite show on Netflix can be a relaxing way to enjoy some quality indoor time, this also leads to lots of energy usage within the home. Charging devices, keeping lights on all day, and running the dishwasher are all examples of actions that can lead to constant energy usage.

Take a break from running electricity in little ways such as opening your windows to natural light during the day, taking a break from screen time to read a book or magazine, and washing dishes by hand.

4. Seek reusable alternatives

While it becomes more important than ever to make sure our frequently touched surfaces are clean, paper towels and single-use cleaning and drying materials can create a lot of waste.

Practice using hand towels instead of paper towels after completing your 20-second hand wash, as not only are paper goods becoming more sparse, hand towels can be washed and reused over and over.

5. Enjoy the outdoors!

Our final way to stay eco-friendly is to honor the outdoors and all of the amazing things it offers us everyday. Pack your reusable water bottle, and take advantage of some much needed fresh air out in nature. Whether it is taking a walk around your neighborhood or to the closest park, take this Earth Day to spend some time alone with Mother Nature. Remember to practice social distancing and stay at least six feet apart from our fellow friends to ensure the fresh air stays fresh for us all.

We can celebrate Earth Day every day by committing just one of these five activities to a habit. Each step can lead to a greater change for our environment. While it may be necessary to stay inside this Earth Day, remember that there are still opportunities to be environmental within our homes. If you do choose to celebrate Earth Day outdoors, be sure to celebrate the earth—and each other—by doing so at safe distances. No kind act is too small!

Do you know some other great ways for us all to stay eco-friendly within our homes? Share them in the comments below!