How to Conquer Your Next Pillow Fight

How to Conquer Your Next Pillow Fight

We’re coming to you live from National Pillow Fight Day here at Coop HQ… just kidding, we’re all still working remotely. But being apart won’t keep us from celebrating the world’s greatest made up holiday, no sirree. This year, we’re pillow fighting our roommates, significant others, children, parents, pets; whoever we share a home with is fair game.

You may be thinking to yourself, why do I need a guide to winning a pillow fight? Well, read on and you just may find out!

Make Sure the Pillow Fits the Opponent

First and foremost, a pillow fight is meant to be fun, and the playing field should be made as level as possible. So be sure to choose your weapon wisely. Pillow fighting a smaller human? Grab a couch pillow, and let them have that nice big Coop Body Pillow. Fair is fair!

Add Some Stuffing

Grab your bag of extra Coop fill and overstuff your pillow! Just make sure you know how much is in the bag first (if you have a kitchen scale, go ahead and weigh it for a precise measurement!)—that way you won’t mess with your sleep when you’re taking the fill back out afterward.

The Swing vs. The Shove

Technique is everything! The Swing is perfect for big open spaces, when you don’t necessarily want to knock someone down. The Shove is ideal if you’re playing near a couch or a bed. Just remember, safety first. ;)

Pillow Fight, Sumo Style

Strap your pillows to your chest with a belt—again, the Coop Body Pillow is perfect for this—and body slam away.

Surprise Attack

This is great for families. Either do a full-on pillow fight surprise or make a game of pillow fight hide-and-seek. You’ll be surprised how quickly this tires the kids out!

Respect the Rules

Lay out the groundwork. Make sure nobody gets too aggressive, and if someone announces that they want to stop, the other person stops. Again, pillow fights are all play, so make sure to keep it that way!