How to Create Your Own Motivational Workspace

How to Create Your Own Motivational Workspace

Working from home, even if it’s a personal choice, is something that a lot of people have to learn how to do effectively and efficiently. Because of all the distractions that inevitably plague our homes—such as cleaning out the massive stacks of old clothes and books you’ve had for years—it can be hard to stay motivated to get things done in that nine-to-five schedule. Follow these quick tips to make your space a little more encouraging!

Organize your workspace.

We might not be able to help where our desks are, but we can sure help what that area looks like. I don’t know about you, but no matter where I set up my work station, I always have to make sure that the area isn’t hugely cluttered.

Use some of your free time to clean that area out. This isn’t always fun, but it does allow for an incredibly cathartic experience that will benefit your overall productivity—during and beyond your work hours.

Maybe run to the store and pick up some folders and labels to organize your work and maximize your space. Using files, folders, and other organizational methods will ensure you can work effectively and efficiently, and it’ll save a lot of time when you’re searching for the documents and information you need!

Invest in a good quality pen.

Make sure that you have two to three good quality pens in your workspace, like, at all times. You know those moments where you have to jot something down, and every single pen you have in your station is either from some old hotel visit or ran out of ink six months ago? Yeah, those moments are the death of productivity. Avoid!

Get yourself a planner.

Obviously, every organizational junkie thrives from the use of their planner. Whether or not you want to be an organizational junkie, a planner can be the next step to maximizing your time and enhancing your productivity. Planners are the perfect way to plan out your time, manage all your commitments, and make sure that you’re getting everything done (and not forgetting a task or two)!

Create a work playlist.

If you’re able to listen to music, make yourself a work playlist. Make sure it’s the type of sound that will make you feel like you can conquer the world, not something that will distract you. Sometimes, classical music is the best for productivity—other times, simply playing white noise can refocus your mind when everything around you might seem really distracting. Build your playlist based off of the best type of music for yourself and use that to kill the work game!

Nurture a mindset that allows for positivity.

Reminding yourself that stress isn’t forever and that all these tasks will be over by the end of your workday is something that allows for intense productivity. Showing yourself that there is a positive side to everything and reminding yourself that work is a finite amount of time will ground you and help you make it through those sometimes daunting days.

Check in with your friends and family.

By checking in with the people around you, you’re giving yourself a minor break and allowing your head to rest. Taking breaks, even if it’s just for a moment, improves productivity and clears your palate just in time to return to working a bit more encouraged!

Stay encouraged!

While these tips aren’t all-encompassing, they’re a starting point. Being motivated and staying encouraged in your own space is the key to productivity, especially at home! Share other tips and ideas below and help another hardworking person out.

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