How to Instantly Get Up in the Morning

How to Instantly Get Up in the Morning

If you’re a serial snoozer who finds it impossible to wake up in the morning, I hereby challenge you to quit the snooze button and begin your day energized. After all, snoozing can actually leave you more tired than if you just got up in the first place.

This simple routine will stimulate all your senses and motivate you to get your day going the moment your alarm rings.

1. Set your alarm time for the latest possible time you need to get ready.

You can’t snooze if there’s no time left to do so!

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2. Place your alarm clock on the other side of your room.

Having to physically get up and walk across the room to shut off your alarm forces you to wake up.

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3. Swaddle yourself with a comfortable robe.

The warmth and comfort of being under the covers stops a lot of us from getting up right away. There’s no excuse when you have a robe ready that will provide you with the same feeling!

4. Head straight to your bathroom.

Once you brush your teeth and use the toilet, you’ll be much less likely to wander back to bed. That mint toothpaste helps as well! The scent of peppermint stimulates the brain and makes you feel awake.

5. Splash cold water on your face.

It instantly helps your blood circulate and de-puffs your face so you look more lively.

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6. Open up your blinds to let in the sunlight.

Natural sunlight is an essential factor for regulating your circadian rhythm.

7. Enjoy a nice stretch.

After a full night of sleep, your body is often stiff and needs a good stretch to loosen your muscles and jump start your circulation. Watch this video for a simple morning stretch routine: 5-Minute Morning Stretches to Power Your Day

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8. Drink a glass of cold water to wake your body up.

Your body becomes dehydrated during your sleep, so drinking a cup of water in the morning hydrates you and gives you a burst of energy. You can follow it up with a cup of tea or coffee afterward.

9. Play upbeat music or an engaging podcast.

Having something exciting to look forward to definitely helps you get into a positive mindset.

10. If worse comes to worst, try an alarm clock on wheels.

That’s right. The Clocky is an alarm clock that literally hops off your night stand and rolls away, forcing you to chase it as it beeps. It might sound obnoxious, but it sure will wake you up.

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