How to Know if You Need a Mattress Topper vs. New Mattress

How to Know if You Need a Mattress Topper vs. New Mattress

It’s a lazy Saturday morning, the soft sunlight is streaming in, there’s no alarm to snooze or to-do list to check off. So you swing your feet out of bed and—ouch—neck knots and muscle aches for days.

It might have been a dreamy morning, but now you’re wondering if chiropractors take appointments on weekends. Can a mattress topper solve the problem, or is it time for a new mattress?

Rest easy—we’ve got the answers you need. Let’s settle the debate between a mattress topper vs new mattress to help you decide what you need.

Assessing Your Sleep: Are You Dreaming or Dragging?

Before you choose between a new mattress topper or a whole new mattress, take a moment to assess your sleep. Here are a few signs you’re not getting the best sleep:1

  • Your skin has turned back the clock to acne-prone middle school.
  • It’s hard to focus or remember things throughout the day.
  • You wake up with aches and pains you didn’t go to bed with.
  • Caffeine is your new bestie all day long. (So is junk food.)
  • You’re struggling with moodiness, depression, or anxiety.
  • It’s hard to focus or remember things throughout the day. (Wait a second…)

If you can relate to more than one of these scenarios, a sleep nest update could serve you well. Let’s determine whether you need a mattress topper vs new mattress.

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Weighing Your Options: Top it Off or Toss it Out?

In many cases, a mattress topper carries enough plushness to be able to extend the life of your existing mattress by a couple of years. However, there are those special cases (hello, 10-year-old mattress from college) when buying a new mattress might be the best route.

To help build your pros and cons list, here are some need-to-knows about mattress toppers vs new mattresses:

A Mattress Topper

Not only can a quality mattress topper extend the life of your current mattress, but it could also be all that’s standing in the way of you and your unrequited slumber. Just be sure you know how to clean a mattress topper properly to help extend its life.

Here’s when to consider going for a mattress topper:

  • Your mattress is relatively new – If your existing mattress is less than 6–8 years old, and is still in good shape with little to no sagging, then a high-quality mattress topper could be your ticket to Snoozeville.2
  • Your sleep isn’t always terrible – If on some nights you toss and turn, and some nights you wake up feeling amazing, you’re probably safe to head to the mattress topper aisle. A memory foam mattress topper could be the tune-up you need.
  • Your preference isn’t too plush – If you prefer to sleep on something on the firmer side, or if you’re looking for just a smidge of added plushness to your bedding, then different types of mattress topper can save you money and send you dreaming.
  • You’re not ready for a new mattress – If you find yourself craving a new mattress but it’s not in your budget, it might be time to invest in a new mattress topper.

A New Mattress

If your body hurts, you’re constantly yawning, and your allergies are suddenly acting up, it might be time to put that old mattress out to pasture—or, rather, out to the dumpster.

Here are a few reasons you might need to splurge and go for a new mattress:

  • Your mattress has seen some years – If your mattress is older than 6–8 years, it might be time to say goodbye and replace your sagging mattress with a new place to rest your head at night.
  • Your sleep is consistently suffering – If you find that you’re having more sleepless nights, waking up with body aches, have trouble staying asleep, or your allergies are flaring up consistently, it could be time to do away with the old mattress and welcome in a new mattress.
  • Your routine is ready to change – If your bedtime routine is expanding—perhaps you’re adding a partner, furry friend, or bundle of joy to the portrait—then you can use this time to transition to a new mattress and welcome positive new change into your life.

The Bottom Line: Treat Your Sleep Like Royalty

Whether you choose a mattress topper or a new mattress, what’s important is that you’re treating your body’s needs with the utmost importance and care. After all, when we sleep well, we live well.

Both the mattress topper and new mattress can help support healthy, quality sleep—so don’t be afraid to splurge. Prioritize these features in a new mattress topper or a new firm mattress:

  • Breathability
  • Material quality
  • Comfort level
  • Muscle support
  • High customer ratings

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