How to Start Putting Yourself First: 3 Easy Steps to Begin Your Self-Care Routine

How to Start Putting Yourself First: 3 Easy Steps to Begin Your Self-Care Routine

1. Recognize and remove negative energy


We’ve all had those types of people in our lives that don’t seem to want the best for us. The signs are fairly similar: they pretend to have your best interest at heart, they seem to almost be pleased when something you’ve wanted does not end up happening for you, and they just aren’t rooting for you in general. People like this are not valuable assets that you need in your life.

Once you recognize that someone in your life seems to be bringing your energy down rather than boosting you up, walk away from that person. You deserve more than a half-hearted support system. Negative energy will ultimately lead you to question your own decisions, making you hesitant when pursuing something you really want.

Every person deserves a strong support system of people who will listen and respond with more than just their own self-interest in mind. People who have proven to you that they will come through for you when you need it are essential in your life. Putting your own mental health before anything else is the most essential thing you can do for your well-being. The negative vibes around you will seem to disappear, and boom! Confidence points double.

2. Open up


I have encountered far too many people in my life who would prefer to bottle everything up and keep moving. They will avoid a problem for days or even weeks to avoid getting emotional, even if that problem could have been resolved quickly. Sure, that is their decision, but when given the chance to open up, I would say it is the wisest decision to go ahead and do it! Talk to that real, genuine friend in your life (after you’ve stepped away from the negative friends, of course) and let them know how you feel. Understand that they will not always be able to grasp how or why you are feeling a certain way, but the point of the matter is that they care and will respond.

I cannot stress this enough: if something is important to you, then it matters. Regardless of how anyone else sees your point of view, you feel a certain way for a reason and have just as much of a right as anyone else to release the tension you are feeling. The real people in your life will sit down, process how you feel, and try to understand. Anyone who makes your emotions feel invalid is just not worth it, and that takes me back full circle to the concept of removing that negative energy.

Your mental well-being will improve as you learn to open up. You will not be kept awake at night by constant stress of something you are too afraid to confront. When you feel something is really influencing your mental stability, say something! Write it down, tell a friend, call your dad—do not bottle it all up.

3. Do what makes YOU happy


The most important step is to discover the things in your life that make you feel your best and to always make time for them. Take time for yourself, find whatever it is that makes you feel happy to be alive, and take control of it. Personally, my joy comes from driving through my favorite streets and listening to my favorite music. I make time for myself to take these drives at least every week.

If we dedicated as little as half an hour a day doing that one thing that helps us unwind, we would find our stress levels decreasing a decent amount. Take control of your life, and make the executive decision that you have the ability to live the way you want to! Do not apologize for the things that make you happiest.

I understand that this step is difficult because it comes with the common “I’m too busy” excuse. Sure, being busy is good, but is it fair to yourself to neglect the things you enjoy? Do it not for anyone else but yourself because I promise you that you are awesome and definitely deserve it.

What activity brings you the most joy? Let us know in the comments.