Meet the Designer Behind Our In-House Throw Pillow Covers

Meet the Designer Behind Our In-House Throw Pillow Covers

Meet Jenn, a graphic designer/illustrator with a background in studio art — and the talented individual behind our New Harmony Throw Pillow Set and Dayspring Throw Pillow Set! We adore her passion for bright colors and fun shapes, so we thought we’d ask her a few questions to learn more about her journey into art and the process designing these gorgeous throw pillow covers.

How did you get into illustration?

I love dabbling in all types of mediums and appreciate all forms of art, but illustrating in particular is something I’ve always been fond of because all it requires is a drawing tool and paper.

Not to sound negative or sappy, but I didn’t come from a well-off family — so one of the things that kept me entertained as a kid was doodling on paper. It was readily accessible to me at home and in school. I’ve realized early on that illustrating was therapeutic for me because there was no right or wrong, and I could draw whatever I wanted to.

What served as your inspiration for these covers?

When designing these covers, I wanted to create something that would bring quirk and happiness to a space. Immediately, I thought about colorful abstract shapes inspired by Henri Matisse and Paul Klee’s work and their use of color and loose, abstract strokes and shapes.

Coop Dayspring Throw Pillow Set
Dayspring Throw Pillow Set

Can you describe what the design process was like?

I usually start off with a mood board that houses different home decor styles, furniture pieces, and textiles. From there, I bring the mood board into Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop and Procreate, and from that inspiration, I start doodling different designs without a final product in mind.

Once I have that down, I experiment with different color palettes and play around with the different elements by moving them around and seeing how the colors and shapes interact with one another. Contrast and composition plays a huge role in determining where the colors and shapes live.

What kind of decor style do you think these pillow covers will go best with?

I think these pillow covers will complement any minimal space by introducing a pop of color to the environment. I think it will also work well and be fun in a mid-century modern and maximalist space.

New Harmony Throw Pillow Set

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Colors can really set the mood for a space. I think sometimes people shy away from it because incorporating colors into a space can be daunting, but I think it’s important to be playful and experiment with how you can style a room to give it some character.