Picking the Perfect Pillow for You (Original vs. Eden)

Picking the Perfect Pillow for You (Original vs. Eden)

Comfort is subjective—what’s ideal for Marcus might not be for Meghan, especially in terms of sleep products. If you’re like most people out there, you’re probably sleeping on a one-size-fits-all pillow. Problem is, “firm” and “soft” aren’t good enough options for everybody; comfort is a continuum, and we often need some time to figure out what’s best for ourselves.

We designed our adjustable Coop pillows around a few things: sleep position, body temperature, and your size. By taking all three components into account equally, we’ve come up with two adjustable pillows that can be tailored to anyone.

The Original, well-loved support

Need support? Meet your new pillow. The Original’s medium-firm memory foam fill makes it best for firm pillow lovers and side sleepers (the majority of people!) who need more support but don’t need a ton of temperature regulation.

As our top bestseller, this pillow is a popular choice to say the least! Awaken a better night’s sleep with the Original.

Eden, the cool softy

If your head’s in the clouds, it’d be comfier on the Eden Pillow. The Eden’s soft, gel-infused memory foam fill is ideal for back and stomach sleepers, over-heaters, and people transitioning from feather-down pillows.

The addition of cooling gel to the fill helps create a more breathable sleeping experience, so if you’re a hot sleeper, cool down on the Eden.

Its gusseted edge also provides the pillow with more structure so you can stay supported if you switch between positions throughout the night.

It’s all in the adjustability

But what if you’re a side sleeper who’s also an overheater? We’ve got you covered: our Original Pillow with the Cool Side Pillowcase. Adjust the fill as necessary, making sure to concentrate it in the center to support your noggin.

Perhaps you love the feel of a soft and squishy pillow but need more support than your favorite feather-down option has been giving you. The Eden can serve as your baseline. Add some extra fill (we give you an additional half-pound bag with every pillow) until you have the support you need. If you still want more support, you can grab a bag of medium-firm fill, and adjust the levels till you find the perfect balance of support and squish.

That’s the great thing about our pillows. The adjustability, the different fills, the accessories—you can truly tailor either the Original or the Eden to your own needs. You’re in the driver’s seat… or should we say the dreamer’s bed?

Feel free to drop any questions you have about our pillows below!