Pillow Size Chart: All You Need to Know

Pillow Size Chart: All You Need to Know

If you’re in the market for new bed pillows, allow us to first say congratulations. One of the first steps of choosing a pillow is picking the size. Believe it or not, the size of your pillow can predict a whole lot about your sleep health, comfort, and waking wellness.

Bed pillows may traditionally be sized to fit your bed frame, but there’s a whole lot more to this sheep-filled story than size alone. Below, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to find the right bed pillow sizes for your mattress and your body.

Pillow Size Chart

If pairing your pillow in proportion to the size of your bed is a must for you, then you’ll want to consider the following standard measurements according to bed size:

  • Standard – Look for pillows that are 20 x 26 inches in size.
  • Queen – Stock up on pillows that are 20 x 30 inches in size.
  • King – Set your sights on pillows measuring 20 x 36 inches in size.

Beyond those three, you may also have considered a body pillow, which typically measures 20 x 54 inches. Good news here—body pillows can be plopped onto any sized bed and snuggled to your heart’s content.

So, if you’re looking to match up your pillow size with your bed frame and be on your merry way, then feel free to stop here. But if you’d like to hop on the cloud to dreamier, more customized sleep, read on.

Top Bed Pillow Sizes

The standard size pillow is the one you’ll most likely see while roaming the aisles of bulk home goods and department stores. It fits most traditional pillowcases and can fit comfortably on a standard, queen, or king-sized bed. But there’s much more to a standard pillow than meets the head.

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Standard Pillow Size

As we mentioned, the standard pillow is the most ubiquitous of the bunch. But before you lay your head to rest upon one, consider these advantages and disadvantages:

  • Good for: Most types of sleepers, including side, back, and stomach
  • Not-so-good for: Frequent tossers and turners

Queen Pillow Size

The queen size pillow reminds us of that story—you know, the one with the bears, and the porridge, and tasting just right. For some, the queen pillow size is the Goldilocks pillow, making it:

  • Good for: Side sleepers who switch sides frequently through the night
  • Not-so-good for: Fitting snugly into pillowcases

King Pillow Size

If you enjoy versatility and options in your sleep experience, a king size pillow might be right for you. Before you select the king pillow as the reigning monarch of your bedroom, keep in mind that it’s:

  • Good for: Those who toss and turn all night and need that extra surface area
  • Not-so-good for: Smaller sleeper and stomach sleeper

Body Pillow Size

Sometimes all you need after a long, hard day is New Girl on repeat and a good snuggle with your body pillow. Plus, this pillow can do wonders for your physical wellness, too—relieving joint pain, improving spinal alignment, and even promoting better blood circulation.1 It’s also one of the best pregnancy pillow options. Beyond that, it’s:

  • Good for: Knee knockers, pregnant people, or people with back pain
  • Not-so-good for: Stomach sleepers and people with furry friends in the bed

Additional Pillow Sizes

No, you’re not dreaming—there are even more pillow sizes for you to lay your head down and dream on. For a truly fine-tuned sleep experience, you may want to invest in sizes beyond what adorns your comforter:

  • Travel pillow – These compact comfort creators usually have pillow dimensions of 12 x 16 inches and fit perfectly in a travel bag for sleep on the go.
  • Support pillow – Support pillows come in all different shapes and sizes, but they’re thoughtfully designed to alleviate additional pain in your knee, hip, or back areas.
  • Toddler pillow – Your growing bundles of joy need healthy sleep, too. Toddler pillows usually measure 12 x 16 inches and fit like a glove on their adorable toddler beds.

Benefits of Sizing Your Pillows Correctly

You may or may not already be familiar with the multitude of advantages of correctly sizing your bed pillows. Correct sizing isn’t just for creating that envy-invoking guest bed ambiance—although it may do that, too. It can also:

  • Accommodate your sleep style – The right pillow size for you will fit your sleep style, even if that style shifts 84 times throughout the night.
  • Support your head and neck – Pillows perform the vital job of supporting the head and neck while you escape to dreamland. Pillow size affects that, too.
  • Relieve extra pressure – Are you a side-sleeping knee knocker? No problem. Expertly-sized pillows can help relieve pressure in areas below the neck and fit the size of your bed.

Rightsize Your Sleep with Coop Home Goods

It’s always a good time to size your pillows for your best sleep. Shopping for the right pillow size doesn’t need to be reserved for every ten years when you buy a new mattress. It can happen today—and we think you’ll be happy when it does.

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