Showing Love from a Distance with Care Packages

Showing Love from a Distance with Care Packages

If you’re like us, you’ve all but run out of ideas when it comes to what we’re calling “distance sentiment.” Texts, phone calls, video chats, and letters have kept our various relationships afloat for the last six or so months, but what about beyond communication? What to do when we want to go beyond simply expressing our love for a significant other, friend, or family member?

In comes the care package. No longer reserved for young adult children of solicitous parents, care packages are the new rendezvous. Whether for that friend you always grab dinner with once a month, for your parents who you’re used to visiting regularly, or for the extroverts in your life on whom isolation is is taking an extra toll, care packages can be a thoughtful, functional, and generous way of saying “hey, I love you.”

We at Coop have created two care packages, but the ideas for what you can send are endless. Care packages for a spa day, cooking an elegant dinner, parents with young kids, aromatherapy… care packages are a chance for you to surprise a loved one with either a functional gift or a thoughtful experience. Read on for some of our favorite ideas!

For the beauty lovers

A skin and haircare buff’s absolute dream, our Beauty Sleep Bundle is as luxurious as it is practical. It comes with our Original Pillow (and additional fill!) to get your loved one’s night off to the right start. We’ve also included our incredibly luxurious silk pillowcase, which, let us tell you, is a total game-changer. It keeps hair frizz-free, enables blow outs to last for days, and will keep your skincare on your skin instead of absorbing it like cotton does. To top it off, we’ve included three very cute, very outfit-friendly reusable masks to keep your loved one safe when they venture out into the world.

For the hot sleepers

We’ve set out to answer any and every hot sleeper’s prayers with this one. Packing a punch is our Eden Pillow, which, yes, comes with a bag of additional gel-infused memory foam, will create a much cooler sleep experience right off the bat. We’ve included our Cool Side Pillowcase to keep your loved one cool throughout the night thanks to our patented Lulltra Cool technology. And just like with the beauty bundle, we’ve completed the care package with three stylish reusable masks to let your loved one know you care about them both inside and out.

For anyone in need of a spa day

Maybe the most obvious care package on the list, a spa day package will have anyone who’s been missing their pampering services feeling a little lighter. Pack yours with whatever suits your loved one’s desires: face masks, essential oils for aromatherapy, candles, bath bombs, nail polish with some mani pedi tools, a hair mask, and cute things that people normally don’t think of, like hand and feet masks. Include some indulgent CBD or ginger chocolates to help ease them into a state of relaxation.

For the foodies

Try your own take on meal delivery kits! If you’re missing your dining-out buddy, find a recipe similar to one of your go-to spots and order all the ingredients from a nearby grocery store to be delivered to your friend (make sure to send them a hint of what’s to come, though!). If the grocery store is large enough, include some cooking tools that your pal may not have to make the gesture thoughtful and functional!

For parents with young kids

This group may be the people in need of a care package most of all. Send a care package with activities for kids and grown-ups, as well as something just for the parents. You could pick out an educational toy, coloring books for both kids and grownups, or an old-school board game to give everybody some tech-free family time. If you’re feeling extra generous, throw in some noise canceling headphones for the adults to get some faux alone time. Or just throw in a bottle of wine, which always helps.

There is, without a doubt, a lot of negative energy out in the world right now. Our friends and family keep us going, and we ought to show them we care. Whether through a simple phone call or with a care package, sending love is so important in times when we can’t physically be together.

How are you sending love? Let us know in the comments below!

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