The Best Bedding Essentials for Combination Sleepers

The Best Bedding Essentials for Combination Sleepers

Hi there, shape shifter. If you’re waking up every which way, in a different position every day, read on.

1. Eden Pillow

Rotation sleepers are presented with the unique problem of finding a pillow that accommodates every sleep position known to man. Our Eden Pillow is an ideal choice for a couple reasons: first, like all Coop pillows, you can adjust the fill for your desired comfort. But what makes the Eden so special is the gel-infused memory foam is particularly malleable, so you can mold both sides of your pillow separately, allowing for varying levels of support!

We recommend having a low loft side and a high loft side, with the lower loft benefiting stomach and back sleeping, and the higher loft helping with side sleeping. Take note of which side you tend to prefer (you’ll notice this in your neck and shoulders—one side will tend to carry more stress and have more knots than the other side, while the more stressed side is the one you tend to sleep more on). So, if you prefer to sleep on your left side, make the left side of your pillow a higher loft, since you’ll naturally roll over on your back to the right! If you notice that you tend to roll over on your stomach, reverse the sides, so you’ll roll over from high to low regardless of which way you go!

2. Silk Pillowcase

May rotation sleepers wake up with wild hair, thanks to all that rolling around. Standard cotton pillowcases create a lot of friction between your hair and the pillow, so try stitching to a much smoother Silk Pillowcase. You’ll immediately notice tamer—and less frizzy—tresses.

3. Body Pillow

We also find that combination sleepers tend to toss and turn because they just can’t get comfortable. If that’s you, a body pillow could do you some serious good. Just like all our pillows, our Body Pillow is fully adjustable. We’ve designed it to provide full body support, taking pressure off your back, hips, knees, and abdominal organs. The body pillow is the factotum of pillows, filling in all the comfort gaps you didn’t even know you had.