The Best Bedding Essentials for Side Sleepers

The Best Bedding Essentials for Side Sleepers

Let’s face it: there’s not a whole lot you can do to change your sleep position. Your body and brain are going to do their thing while you’re in dreamland. What you can do is create the right snooze setup for optimal sleep, regardless of whatever pose you strike.

There are two positions for side sleepers: fetal position and straight up and down. Sleep experts regard both positions as safe and healthy but advise that curling up too tightly in the fetal position will result in restricted breathing and soreness.

1. Body Pillow

If you’re a tight curler, our body pillow will help keep you spread out while providing full support along your spine and cushioning pressure points… plus, hugging a big ol’ pillow helps us relax and fall asleep faster!

Body pillows are also crucial for pregnant moms-to-be. Adding support to your belly will greatly increase sleep comfort and reduce a lot of strain on your back and hips.

2. Original Pillow

Regardless of whether you’re a curl-uppy or a straight-up-and-downey, a medium-firm pillow like our Original Pillow is going to best provide that high loft support all side sleepers need. Why high loft? Because your head is further away from the bed while sleeping on your side, you need your pillow to meet you further up in order to keep your neck and spine in a neutral position. If you have broad shoulders, you might find that adding extra fill to the pillow will create just the right amount of support for you.

3. Knee Pillow

Something a lot of side sleepers don’t think about until they reach their senior years is their hips, but we’re out to change that! Orthopedic knee pillows are the key to a sustainably comfortable sleep for side sleepers. Our adjustable knee pillow creates space between the legs to take pressure off the hips while keeping your spine aligned. This results in decreased back pain and less achy joints.