The Best Bedding Essentials for Stomach Sleepers

The Best Bedding Essentials for Stomach Sleepers

Arguably the most glamorous sleep style (thanks to Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s), stomach sleeping comes with more than its fair share of disadvantages. Yes, sleeping on your tum leaves your airways open, but it also does a number on your neck, back, and your abdominal organs. If that’s not enough for you to try to switch positions, sleeping on face down can cause premature wrinkles and breast sag, all while making you more prone to drooling.

Are you mad at us yet? Try not to be, ‘cause we’re here to help. You can’t do much to change how your subconscious brain chooses to move your body, but you can make sure your sleep setup works for you, rather than against.

1. Eden Pillow

First things first, get yourself a low-loft yet supportive pillow. Removing a solid third of the fill from our Eden Pillow will do the trick. We also made sure to craft the Eden with cooling gel-infused memory foam, so you’re not constantly waking up to flip the pillow.

2. Mattress and Pillow Protectors

Let’s double back to one of the least cute aspects of stomach sleeping: fluids. We’re talking sweat and drool, both of which will wreak havoc on your pillows and mattress if you’re not creating a barrier. We’ve designed both a waterproof mattress and pillow protector just for this reason. Historically, bedding protectors were essentially just horrifying plastic sheets designed to keep kids from ruining their mattresses. But our mattress and pillow protectors are made from our patented Lulltra™ fabric with a soft, practically unnoticeable waterproof backing.

3. Silk Pillowcase

If the idea of early wrinkles upsets you, well, congratulations, you’re normal! One of the best ways you can prevent both unsightly sleep creases and premature wrinkles is by switching to a silk pillowcase. The luxe, hypoallergenic fabric reduces friction while you sleep, letting you wake up less puffy, more radiant, and wrinkle-free.