The Best Dorm Room Essentials for Good Sleep

The Best Dorm Room Essentials for Good Sleep

Congratulations on getting accepted into college! You’ll have an exciting, whirlwind year ahead and getting situated in your dorm room is a big part of that.

As you’re planning out your dorm room shopping list, one of the most important factors to consider is prioritizing good sleep.

Hopefully, you caught up on sleep this summer but once you start college, know that a busy schedule and intense workload can easily throw a solid sleep routine to the wayside. Don’t fall into that college routine of all-nighters fueled by caffeine and sugar, followed by skipped classes and crashing the next day.

Getting good sleep will not only help you stay healthy—think of all the germs in that shared bathroom you’re exposed to—but it can help you retain all the new information you’re learning. Several studies have found that sleep helps boost memory, learning, and may help you solve problems. When you’re reading up on new material at night before bed and then rest up with a solid snooze sesh, you’ll be more likely to recall that material studied the night before if you slept well, says research. It’s a time-efficient and restorative combination that’ll help you do your best this first year.

To set you up for your best night’s sleep in your college dorm room, add these products to your shopping list:

White noise sound machine

1. White noise sound machine

You’ve probably heard that a white noise machine can help some people sleep—maybe your parents have one to drown out your late-night TV and video game noise—but this is something you’re going to want when sleeping in a college dorm. Between your roommate watching TV late into the night, to floor mates yelling in the hall at all hours (yep, it happens), to doors slamming into the wee hours of the morning, and the person you share a wall with playing heavy metal until 4 a.m. on a Tuesday, you’re going to need this fan-based natural white noise machine. Try out a white noise machine at home for a few nights before you move in. We like the Marpac DOHM Sleep Sound Machine that’s available in five colors, and customer reviews say it lasts a lifetime.

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2. Silk eye mask

Okay, the guys might think they should skip over this suggestion if they believe eye masks are for girls, but pulling on an eye mask that blocks out all light will be a lifesaver everyone will be happy they brought. When you want to maximize sleep and create an ideal dark environment, you might find light creeping in from unexpected places—like under the door, from your roommate’s computer screen, from a streetlamp that shines through broken blinds. Keep our Silk Eye Mask next to your white noise machine and you’ll be out like a light in no time. The soft silk material also helps the skin around your eyes retain moisture, so you won’t have the puffy morning eyes in your 8 a.m. class.

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3. A durable mattress protector

While you might be thinking about all the great minds that wandered campus before you and went on to achieve great things, take a minute and think about all the bodies that probably slept on the Twin XL mattress you’re about to sleep on. Not only are you probably grossed out, but realize that this college-issued mattress is likely not as comfortable as it once was many years ago. That’s why you’ll want to create a plush sleep space with our Waterproof Mattress Protector that’ll breathe new life into your bed. Super soft and silent, it’ll prevent any sweat, drool, or other nasty fluids from sinking into your mattress. You don’t want your RA cringing at mysterious stains during your end-of-year inspection, do you?

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4. Natural deodorizer

Here’s fair warning, your new sleeping quarters probably won’t smell as fresh and clean as your bedroom at home. That’s because plenty of young adult bodies have lived there before you and many likely weren’t as hygienic as your family members. This is why you need a natural charcoal deodorizer to absorb odors so you’re not lying awake at night wondering, What the heck is that smell?! Our 550-gram size is perfect for your dorm room. This includes a bonus 30-gram sachet size, which is perfect for keeping your closet or drawers fresh.

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5. A new pillow that’s built to last

Everyone has a favorite pillow that they look forward to resting on at the end of a long day and this long-lasting pillow will be your new go-to. Our Original Pillow is a bestseller and top choice in consumer products’ editorial round-ups for a reason—we perfected it! The Original provides medium firm support, has a breathable bamboo-derived case, and contains memory foam and microfiber fill for maximum comfort and support. Best of all, this pillow will last long past your college years.

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Put this combo together for great sleep your freshman year of college—and beyond!