The Best Pillows and Sleep Positions for Chronic Pain

The Best Pillows and Sleep Positions for Chronic Pain

You tuck yourself under the covers and turn to your side. Your shoulders ache, so you give them a quick massage and turn to your other side. The pain persists, causing you to toss and turn for what seems like an eternity until you finally drift to sleep. A couple hours later, the pain shoots up again and wakes you up. The tiresome cycle continues, so by the time the sun rises, you’re left feeling drained, sore, and frustrated.

Millions of people can relate to this scenario due to chronic pain, which can affect any part of the body. If you suffer from it, you know exactly how debilitating the discomfort can be, especially when it comes to enjoying a good night’s rest. Without proper sleep, the body can’t fully heal itself and the pain worsens—a vicious cycle, indeed.

Fortunately, changing up your sleep setup can provide some much-needed relief. Depending on your affected area, the right pillow and sleep position can make sleep more comfortable.

Best Pillows and Sleep Positions for Chronic Pain

Best Sleep Position for Neck Pain:

Side or Back

To help alleviate neck pain, sleep on your side or back with our Original or Eden Pillow for the perfect balance between support and comfort. If you sleep hot, opt for the Eden due to its cooling, gel-infused fill.

Worst position: Stomach

Best Sleep Position for Shoulder Pain:

Side or Back

Try sleeping on your back or side with our Original Pillow for medium firm support.

Worst position: Side without pillow support

Best Sleep Position for Low Back Pain:


Sleep on your back with our Four Position Support Pillow under your knees. Elevating your knees will reduce pressure from your low back.

Worst position: Stomach or back, without support below knees

Best Sleep Position for Jaw Pain, TMJ, and Headaches:

Back, arms at side

For the jaw and upward, sleeping on your back with your arms to your side will help you enjoy the most comfort. Support your head with an Original or Eden Pillow.

Worst position: Back with arms behind head, stomach

Best Sleep Position for Hip Pain:


Ensure proper alignment by sleeping on your side with a Knee Pillow in between your knees. It’ll alleviate pressure and prevent pain.

Worst position: Back or stomach