The Top 5 Scents for Sleep

The Top 5 Scents for Sleep

Whether or not you subscribe to the “holistic” lifestyle, essential oils have begun taking over the world by storm. Each oil possesses their own individual benefits to the human body, and it just so happens a lot of them promote healthy sleep and great dreams.

I’ve compiled a list of the top five oils to help you sleep at night, all of which are warming and promote positivity (which means you’re not only going to be getting great sleep, but you’ll also be improving your mood)!

1. Lavender

Number one on almost any list you look at is lavender essential oil. This oil is known to promote relaxation, healthy sleep, healing for skin issues, improved digestion, pain relief, and much, much more!

Place a few drops of this oil (or find a sleep spray with lavender oil infused in it) on your pillow before bed and inhale deeply to take in the aroma. Lavender is a calming, floral scent that allows for your mind to rest and calm itself without becoming too overwhelmed with the smell itself.

2. Citrus

Second on the list is a citrus (lemon/orange) essential oil! The supposed benefits of citrus are the ability to kill germs, help with digestion, reduce pain, relaxing, healing, an increase in energy, and uplifting of one’s mood.

While you may be surprised to learn that an oil that promotes increased energy would double as a sleep aid, from my experience and many others, sleeping with citrus oils promotes healthy sleep and improves positive thinking when you wake up! This oil welcomes you each morning with a warming, happy aroma (which affects your day in such a positive way!).

3. Peppermint

As my personal favorite, this essential oil is known to reduce headaches, kill germs, freshen the air, clear congestion, and reduce redness on skin. Peppermint oil is refreshing and clears the sinuses, so putting some on your wrists and the back of your neck will help you breathe better while you sleep. The promotion of clean air and healthy breathing during your sleep improves your rest in a way you never knew you needed!

4. Chamomile

Chamomile oil promotes relaxing and healthy sleep, increases positive thoughts, fights bacteria, and alleviates digestive problems. Known by many as a miracle herb, chamomile can be found in a lot of nighttime teas and is often recommended to people for the promotion of relaxation right before sleep.

Because of its ability to increase mood and alleviating digestive problems, this oil works very strongly to keep you healthy and happy, especially right before you enter sleep. Just like the tea, this oil relaxes the body and prepares you for a night of good dreams!

5. Cinnamon

And finally, cinnamon essential oil is a wonderful option for improved sleep. The benefits to using cinnamon oil are calming qualities (including a reduction in negative thoughts), treating of headaches, improved circulation in the body, and the maintenance of a strong immune system.

Cinnamon oil is comforting and enjoyable, especially considering it warms the body and reduces the mind’s likelihood to take in and analyze negative thoughts. By using this oil on your wrists and collarbones before bed, you’re more likely to drift to sleep feeling comfortable and relaxed, ready for a great night of rest!

Sweet dreams!

These five essential oils will surprise you in their ability to make your sleep cycles deeper and better. You know what they say—improved sleep means improved productivity and vitality, leading to better days all around! If you have any other suggestions for oils that double as a sleep aid, make sure to let us know in the comments below!