Tommy and Kelly's Bedroom Makeover

Tommy and Kelly's Bedroom Makeover

The Coop Dream Team trekked over to Atwater Village in LA for the ultimate bedroom makeover—we transformed couple Tommy and Kelly’s distracting bedroom into the perfect sleep sanctuary.

The couple invited us into their gorgeous, modern home filled with an assortment of plants and unique artwork. They soon led us to their bedroom, and unfortunately, it was a whole other story. Exercise equipment, clothes, overlapping rugs, and many other elements made their bedroom a cluttered, stressful space that prevented them from enjoying restful sleep. Even worse, their poor sleep quality impacted their moods during the daytime.

Together, we devised a plan that would drastically improve their environment, allowing them to sleep better and feel happier overall.

The steps we took

1. Declutter

An organized room promotes a more peaceful state of mind, which makes it that much easier to fall asleep. We started off by organizing their bedroom and removing clutter that distracts from sleep, like electronics and dumbbells. Since Tommy often used their bedroom as a work space, we moved his laptop and folders to a desk in their living room, a much more suitable place for work.

We also rearranged some of the furniture so that it would create a more open, airy vibe. After moving their sofa table to the other side of the room and removing all the clutter, we adorned it with succulents and candles, perfect for relaxation. Rolling away all the rugs made a huge difference, and instantly, their bedroom looked and felt ten times more serene.

2. No distractions

Tommy and Kelly confessed that they would spend many nights scrolling through social media in bed. We encouraged them to download Offtime, an app that helps you unplug by restricting access to any apps you find distracting during your chosen times.

Whether it’s your TV, tablet, or cellphone, using electronics within an hour of your bedtime delays your circadian rhythm and makes it harder to fall asleep. Try your best to avoid it when it’s close to your bedtime.

3. Air purifier

Many don’t realize that air quality greatly influences your sleep, so invest in a high quality air purifier to clear your air of allergens and pollutants. We opted for the Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier, which is quiet yet powerful.

4. Fix sleep setup

Lastly, we tackled the most important part of their bedroom: their sleep setup. Tommy and Kelly used flat, unsupportive pillows that didn’t fit either of their needs. We provided both of them with our Eden Pillow and adjusted each one to fit their individual needs.

As a side sleeper with broad shoulders, Tommy needed a higher loft, so we added a bit of fill to his pillow. We also provided him with a Knee Pillow to alleviate pressure between his knees. He instantly felt more comfortable!

Kelly needed a medium loft pillow as a back sleeper with a petite frame, so we removed some fill from hers. It provided just the right amount of support for her, and she was all ready for a nap.


Bedroom Makeover Before Image


Bedroom Makeover After Image

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We loved seeing their reactions to the big reveal as much as they love their new bedroom!

Surprised couple

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