What an Adjustable Pillow Can Do for You

What an Adjustable Pillow Can Do for You

Every single day, millions of people wake up sore, tired, and grouchy. While sleep should be rejuvenating, there are many factors that can impact sleep quality. One major factor? Your pillow.

Many pillows out there don’t provide enough support for proper spinal alignment, resulting in sore muscles and a grumpy mood upon waking. Even if you have the best mattress in the world, your spinal alignment also depends on your pillow due to the variety of sleep positions and body shapes out there.

That’s when an adjustable pillow comes in.

What is an adjustable pillow?

Coop Home Goods Eden Adjustable Pillow

An adjustable pillow is the pillow you never knew you needed—until now. It allows you full control over its loft, support, and firmness for a completely customized sleep experience.

High loft? Low loft? It’s up to you.

Our pillows are designed with an invisible zipper, so you can open up the inner liner to reveal its shredded memory foam fill. Add or remove the fill to reach your desired loft, or keep it as is. Zip it back up, and you can shape the fill to direct it to where you need the most support.

Adaptable to your changing needs

Side sleepers require a higher loft, stomach sleepers require a flatter loft, and back sleepers require a medium loft. Over time, many people change sleep positions, so instead of buying an entirely new pillow, an adjustable pillow allows people to adapt it to their needs.

Free loft customization

In regards to firmness, we have different blends of fill available that you can add to your pillow. If you find your pillow to be too firm or too soft, let us know. With our free loft customization, we’ll work with you to create the perfect fill blend for you.

Benefits of an adjustable pillow

Proper spinal alignment

All the benefits start with your spinal alignment. When you’re spending eight hours a night sleeping, it’s important for you to stay properly aligned throughout the night. An adjustable pillows allows you to maintain the natural curvature of your neck and spine.

Better posture

Maintaining good posture decreases the stress on your ligaments, prevents back pain, and prevents fatigue. Plus, you’ll look a lot more alert too.

More energy during the day

Having more energy allows you to be more productive, so you can cross more things off your checklist!

Pain relief and more comfort

When you’re sleeping aligned, you’ll wake up refreshed without any muscle kinks or soreness.

Better sleep overall

Everyone deserves a good night’s rest, so invest in a pillow that makes you feel your best.

Upgrade your sleep with an adjustable Coop pillow.