What Do Your Dreams Mean: 10 Popular Dream Symbols Decoded

What Do Your Dreams Mean: 10 Popular Dream Symbols Decoded

The average person experiences three to five dreams a night—that’s more than two hours a night of dreaming! Although many of us forget the majority of our dreams by the time we wake up, dreams actually provide important insight into our personalities and help us process our emotions. Some may seem wacky and random, while others may be straightforward. Either way, putting in effort to understand the meaning behind our dreams can help us address issues in our lives and develop as individuals. Who knew they could be so deep?

While there’s no definitive meaning behind any certain image or symbol in dreams, researchers have found that the most common ones usually have a generally accepted meaning. Now let’s start decoding the top ten most common dreams that people experience.

Popular dream symbols

1. Teeth falling out

Teeth Falling Out

This is a terrifying dream that many people experience during their lifetime, and it symbolizes that you feel a loss of control in some aspect of your life. Perhaps it’s time to communicate your feelings toward a certain person to address the issue.

2. Meeting a celebrity

Meeting a Celebrity

Did George Clooney or Zooey Deschanel pop up in last night’s dream? Whoever it was, dreaming about a celebrity suggests that you identify with one of their traits and/or admire them.

3. Falling down

Falling off a cliff

It can go either way with this dream. If you experience a slow fall, it could indicate a sense of peace after letting something go. Meanwhile, if it’s an uncontrollable tumble into the abyss, it can mean that you want to let go of something that’s been holding you back or something feels out of control in your life. Let it go, and you’ll feel so much relief.

4. Flying


On the other hand, flying in your dream means that you’ve broken free from some negativity holding you back, and you’re feeling lighter than ever. Kudos to you—and what a fun dream to have!

5. Being naked

This mortifying dream is related to self-consciousness or anxiety due to an upcoming event. You are scared to be vulnerable in front of others, but don’t be afraid to open yourself up to others. It can be rewarding and lead to new relationships.

6. Being chased

Being chased

Are you choosing to ignore a situation instead of confronting it head-on? Don’t keep running away. Face the conflict and/or person and address it, and the tension will fade away.

7. Showing up late

Your subconscious mind is telling you that you need more organization in your life. Whether it’s planning out your day in an agenda or decluttering your living space, dedicating more time to organizing your life can be very beneficial in clearing your mind.

8. Being pregnant

Your first thought might be that you’re actually pregnant, but this dream actually signifies the arrival of something new in your life. It could be a new business idea, project, or even a relationship. It can also be related to an aspect of yourself that is developing—maybe you’re becoming a more open-minded person, or your cooking skills are finally improving!

9. Dying


As creepy as a dream about your own death can be, it simply means that you’re aching for a new beginning. Explore your options, and see what changes you can make in your own life to spice things up.

10. End of the world

If you’ve dreamed about the apocalypse, you’re not alone. These dreams represent that a big aspect of your life is either ending or changing. Perhaps you’re expecting a new baby in the family, or you’re about to transition into a role at work with more responsibilities. Don’t worry, you’ve got this!

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