Which Household Item Removes Stains the Best?

Which Household Item Removes Stains the Best?

Stains happen. That’s why we tested out four different household items to see which one could act as the best pre-wash stain remover when you’re in a crunch.The ultimate battle of the stain removers has begun, and we’ll see whether baking soda, dish soap, chalk, or clarifying shampoo reigns supreme.

We sectioned off a white t-shirt and applied ketchup to each section.

Side note: the smell of ketchup made us crave fries instantly.

Battle of the Stain Removers

Then, we rubbed in the ketchup to make sure it really stained the shirt.

Battle of the Stain Removers

We applied and massaged in each item to its corresponding stain.

The hardest item to apply was definitely the chalk because of its small surface area.

Battle of the Stain Removers

Lastly, we threw the t-shirt into the washer and dryer, impatiently awaiting the results.

The final results

Battle of the Stain Removers

Pretty impressive, right? We expected baking soda to do a better job, but it left the most visible stain. Chalk did a bit better, while dish soap and clarifying shampoo removed the stains almost entirely.

4th Place: Baking soda

3rd Place: Chalk

2nd Place: Dish soap

1st Place: Clarifying shampoo

Overall, clarifying shampoo was the winner! We used this one by Suave, a very economical option. After this experiment, we realized that there’s no need to go out and purchase a fancy pre-wash stain remover when you can achieve the same results with an item you already have at home. Thank goodness.

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