Why Gratitude is the Greatest Attitude

Why Gratitude is the Greatest Attitude

When times are crazy, it can certainly feel harder to practice gratitude or even think about it—but with all its benefits, it’s what we all need more than ever! Gratitude has the power to transform your attitude, dude.

Even as such a simple practice, studies have found that practicing gratitude can improve immune function and heart health, aid in better sleep, lower your risk for mental health issues, manage stress, and help you become a happier person overall. What’s the downside? Well, maybe it’ll take a couple minutes of your time, but you can spare a few, right?

This pandemic has shaken up everyone’s normal routines, and we’ve all experienced some of its negative impacts in one way or another. With that said, we also hope to embrace the silver linings. Our company has been fortunate enough to continue thriving, and our office team has been able to work remotely during this time. To encourage the practice of gratitude, we asked a few members of our team, “What is one thing you’re grateful for during this time, and why?”

Jennifer, Graphic Designer

“Prior to the pandemic, I spent the majority of my time working and finding more work to do when I wasn’t working. As a result of this pandemic, I’m able to view my life from a different perspective. I’ve learned that it’s okay to slow down and take some time to do things that make me feel more at peace. There’s no rush, really.”

Aneesha, Head of Growth

“I’ve spent more time cultivating routines that help me throughout my day—I’m grateful for my morning routine and having the mental space to practice it. It begins with tongue scraping and ends with a cup of piping hot black coffee. I feel more connected to myself and my thoughts as a result of this extended morning routine—for that, I’m really grateful.”

Josephine, Copywriter

“I’d never been someone who could consistently stick to an exercise routine, but since I became glued to my couch working from home all day, I felt the urge to move more and decided to start trying out different at-home workout videos. Now I look forward to getting stronger every day, and I’m so grateful to be healthy and in the best shape of my life in the midst of a pandemic.”

Savannah, Social Media

“I’m grateful for the rekindling of old hobbies that I had kind of put aside, like reading, makeup, and thrifting.”

Kevin, Co-Founder

“I’m grateful that I’m able to spend more time with my parents and at home. I’ve been so busy building the business the past decade that I barely spent time at home other than to sleep. I didn’t spend time just enjoying my neighborhood, but now I do.”

Jin, Co-Founder

“I am grateful for the slowdown of our lives, as it really forced us to slow down and spend quality time together. Weekends used to be packed with activities, but now, it’s more about spending time together in our home.”

Ulises, Warehouse Manager

“I am more grateful for all the little things. Getting up and seeing the sun rise. Walking my dogs and visiting family. I didn’t appreciate these things as much as I do now. And having more time to play video games because I can’t go outside much anymore.”

Amy, Art Director

“I get to eat fresh food instead of microwaved food for lunch.”

Let’s get grateful

If you’re ready to incorporate more gratitude into your life, here are a just a few ways to do it:

  • Think of three things that you’re grateful for when you wake up.
  • Try to stop and savor the positive moments.
  • Let a loved one know why you’re grateful for them.
  • Never underestimate the power of a simple “thank you!”
  • Reflect on your day, and jot down the things you’re grateful for in a journal before bedtime.

Now we’d like to ask you the same question: what is one thing you’re grateful for during this time? Share with us in the comments!