Why You Need an Adjustable Pillow to Improve Your Sleep Quality

Why You Need an Adjustable Pillow to Improve Your Sleep Quality

Have you ever woken up feeling tired and sore—even after a solid eight hours of sleep?

If so, you’ve probably experienced the dreaded consequences of poor spinal alignment and aren’t enjoying the sleep quality you deserve. The more time you spend sleeping in bad alignment, the more your body suffers from muscle imbalance, pinched nerves, back pain, neck kinks, and more.

These side effects can be negatively impacting your health, but it’s simple to combat with these three factors: your sleeping position, mattress, and your pillow.

It’s important to sleep with an aligned spine.

Maintaining proper spinal alignment relieves stress on your joints, improves your posture, promotes blood circulation, and allows you to stay active. Whether it’s firm or soft, a good mattress should provide a balance between support and cushioning to relieve pressure points on your body. However, since everyone comes in a different size, shape, and sleeping position, even a premium mattress isn’t enough to properly align your spine.

That’s when an adjustable pillow comes in handy!

POOR SPINAL ALIGNMENT: Your neck is curved upward with an overstuffed pillow.POOR SPINAL ALIGNMENT: Your neck slopes downward with a pillow that’s too flat.PROPER SPINAL ALIGNMENT: With an adjustable pillow, you can customize your pillow to provide just the right amount of support to maintain good spinal alignment.

Why sleep on an adjustable pillow?

An adjustable pillow compensates for different mattress densities, allowing you to tailor your sleeping experience to fit you perfectly.

Soft mattresses cause your neck to be closer to the bed, which means you need a flatter pillow to keep you aligned.

Firmer mattresses increase the distance between your neck and the bed and require a higher pillow to support your alignment.

With an adjustable pillow, you can customize its loft and density to complement your mattress and sleeping position for just the right amount of support.

Your sleep position matters too.

The way you sleep actually affects the position of your neck and spinal curvature.

If you’re a side sleeper, your shoulders elevate your spinal angle. This means you’ll need extra support in your pillow to make sure your neck doesn’t collapse.

Meanwhile, stomach sleepers benefit from a thinner pillow because too much foam will cause your head to be unnaturally curved, causing pressure on the back of your neck.

Finally, back sleepers should also opt for a medium loft pillow to prevent their heads from pushing forward.

Don’t adjust yourself. Let your pillow adjust to you.

At Coop, we understand the need for a personalized sleep experience—because premium mattresses just won’t cut it. That’s why we spent four years in research and development to create the perfect pillow.

Our pillows are fully adjustable. Just add, remove, and shape the fill to provide support and comfort where you need it.

We also offer free customization for your fill, so you can discover your perfect amount of support and finally enjoy the restful sleep of your dreams.

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