Why You Should Sleep on Silk

Why You Should Sleep on Silk

What if you could complete half your beauty routine in your sleep?

Your sleep is precious. Every extra minute matters, as demonstrated by the number of times we hit that snooze button.

Instead of squandering all that time tackling your frizzy bedhead and piling on layers of skincare products, make the switch to silk. With our upcoming Silk Sleep Set, which includes a silk pillowcase and eye mask, you can sleep glamorously and wake up fabulously without any effort.

Benefits of silk

1. Smoother, shinier hair

Because of its smooth texture, silk creates less friction against your hair. That means you’ll wake up with smooth, shiny hair—unlike the bird’s nest you have after a night sleeping on cotton.

Another bonus? You’ll be able to grow your hair faster since the smooth texture reduces hair breakage.

2. Appearance of plumped skin

Many side sleepers and stomach sleepers can attest to this: no one enjoys waking up with awkward sleep lines sprawled across their face. Silk helps your skin retain its moisture so that you can wake up looking fresh-faced.

3. Hypoallergenic

If you’re an allergy sufferer, rest easy knowing that silk is naturally resistant against dust mites, mold, and fungus. Leave morning congestion behind.

4. Moisture resistant

If you shower at night and tend to sleep before your hair is completely dry, you’re in luck when it comes to silk. Silk can absorb up to three times its weight in liquid without feeling damp.

5. Breathable

Air circulates through silk so that you feel comfortable throughout the night without overheating.

6. Boost in confidence

It’s hard not to feel like a superstar when you sleep on silk. After all, waking up after a fabulous night on silk is like getting a mini makeover during your sleep every day.

Are you ready for some beauty sleep?

The Silk Sleep Set is available in sizes queen and king and in two colors: cream or gray.