Winding Down with Deanna Duba

Winding Down with Deanna Duba

If Deanna Duba isn’t out in the field (literally), she’s probably in a secondhand shop. Born and raised in Southwest Michigan, she’s an interior decorator, influencer, and blogger. Deanna has worked alongside some of West Michigan’s top interior designers, learning the ins and outs of both commercial and residential design. Since building an online community, Deanna has started her own eponymous design firm, Deanna Duba Interiors.

Deanna is currently living lakeside in a quaint cottage with her husband, son, pup named Minnie, bunny named Mickey, and just under 70 plant babies (but who’s counting?!). Living on the shore has inspired Deanna’s personal and home design style, which she describes as a bright and airy, coastal bohemian aesthetic.

Deanna has perfected the art of American hygge. Every inch of her feed is bright, cozy, inviting and genuine. We asked her a little bit about her style, her design sense, and (of course) her nighttime routine.

You’re a designer! You have this beautiful 1920s cottage that’s filled with sunlight, plants, and beautiful neutrals—all the rooms are really warm and inviting. Do you design with a certain feeling in mind? If so, what is the feeling you’re trying to create in a home?

When I would think of coastal design, I didn’t necessarily think of Michigan homes. I know I didn’t before college. When I would hear the concept “coastal design,” I automatically pictured California, Australia, or even Florida. Our home state of Michigan is surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches and lakes in the world. During my college studies, I began focusing most of my work and studies towards coastal design and short-term rentals.

After we purchased a quaint cottage located on an all sports-inland lake here in Michigan, I knew I wanted our home’s aesthetic to bring a California coastal vibe with an Australian bohemian flare—a style that is bright white, featuring natural textiles and elements. Pretty much everything I love to see when I am on vacation.

My biggest design inspiration for our home is definitely a mix of Three Birds Renovations and Carley Page Summers. Our abode has several large windows that make for very happy plants! When we first moved in, I purchased my third plant EVER. Three years later, I am a proud plant mom to just over 70 plants! Since our home is on the water, I try to create a feeling of complete relaxation. I want our guests to forget they have entered a home and feel more like they’ve walked into a relaxing resort or a long term vacation rental ;). I try to make sure the space allows the eyes to move right out to the water, making you wanna grab a nice cold drink and jump right in!

Work-life balance can be really difficult when your office is kind of wherever you are. How do you create distance from your work in your home?

I found the best way for me to keep distance from work and home life is by setting aside my entire morning to focus on work. Personally my favorite place to work is on the sofa, or our bed. If I know my day is going to be spent working on an e-design or sourcing items for clients, I make sure to clean that space entirely, because it is very difficult for me to focus in a cluttered space. Integrating my chores into my nighttime routine has made waking up alot easier.

You live a really full life! How do you punctuate your days; how do you wind down?

I’m not afraid to take breaks, or naps! It seems that a lot of my friends guilt themselves for sleeping in or taking naps. As if there is some unspoken rule that adults aren’t allowed an afternoon or midday snooze.

I’ve always been a firm believer of resting my head when my body tells me to. Good sleep makes a world of difference. My favorite way to wind down is by lighting my favorite candle, putting on my favorite music, and sitting on our porch taking in all the views the lake has to offer. One of the benefits of living on the water is the constant feel of being on vacation. I truly enjoy spending time at home. It’s my happy place, creative space, and it’s filled with humans and pets that I love.

I’ve always been a firm believer of resting my head when my body tells me to. Good sleep makes a world of difference.

Deanna Duba
Do you tend to give yourself some me-time before turning in? If so, what does that look like?

My “me time” before bed is mostly skincare related. Applying lotions, wrapping my hair, and my now lengthy face wash routine. If I haven’t stretched or listened to my horoscope, I will fit those in! I always try to get in a glass of water before bedtime as well!

Do you have a nightly skincare routine? If so, would you share it with us?

I have recently stepped up my nighttime skincare routine after I had one of the worst breakouts of my adulthood. I purchased a jade roller that I keep in the freezer, and a derma roller, which has now become my favorite tool along with vitamin C serum.

I’ve always been someone that wears makeup on a daily basis, so taking it off takes time. I use a makeup remover wipe, then wash my face with a cleanser. I then use cotton swabs and apply a toner. I then use the derma roller and roll in vitamin C serum. I use the jade roller to apply my moisturizer. I’ve noticed that when I take my time caring for my skin, it makes a world of difference.

Is there anything you can’t fall asleep without?

I always have an extra pillow to fall asleep with for my legs. I also wrap my hair in a silk scarf every night to help prevent hair breakage and frizz.

Pets sleeping in the bed with you: yes or no?

Yes, please! Give me all the doggy snuggles! I enjoy when our dog Minnie sleeps in our bed. My husband, however, does not, so she has now learned to sneak in after he has fallen asleep, and nestles as close to my side of the bed as she can. It’s pretty adorable! We are lucky to have her!

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