New look
same Coop
New look, same Coop

Our Founders started Coop in 2013 because they struggled with sleeping themselves. They realized that the problem wasn’t them. It was their pillows. They weren’t made to suit the individual as we sleep. No pillows out there were.

After tons of research. And testing. And doing more research, the Coop Pillow was created. Finally, a pillow that truly works for everybody. Because everybody can adjust our pillows to work for them.

We are on a mission to help everybody sleep better and sleep exactly the way they like. We continue to dream big and that is why we are introducing a new look, a new tagline, and even new products.

The Logo

Our new logo evokes personalization and individuality.

Color Palette

Our calm, natural, and muted color palette is a creamy selection of the world our products live in. After all, better sleep means a better life.


We are introducing a tagline that is both a celebration of individuality and personalization. With You Sleep Your, we are encouraging you to be yourself — and sleep yourself — comfortably.