Stay Cool All Night Long: The Cooling Collection

Stay Cool All Night Long: The Cooling Collection

Your Solution to Overheating at Night 

For those who find themselves battling the heat each night, restless and uncomfortable, Coop Sleep Goods has a game-changing solution: the Cooling line. Developed with the primary aim of keeping you cool from head to toe, this collection not only promises comfort but delivers it using state-of-the-art technology. Now, it has been expanded beyond pillows, to give you a full cooling experience from mattress protectors to blankets. If you’re tired of overheating and waking up throughout the night, our Cooling products are here to transform your sleep experience, ensuring that your nights are filled with nothing but peaceful, uninterrupted slumber. 

Why Cooling? Understanding the Needs of Hot Sleepers 

Hot sleepers face a range of challenges that can significantly disrupt their sleep quality. One of the main issues is the body's inability to regulate temperature effectively, which leads to excessive heat during the night. Factors contributing to overheating can include hormonal imbalances, a naturally high metabolism, or environmental conditions such as warm climates or poorly ventilated rooms. Additionally, the use of non-breathable bedding materials can trap heat and moisture close to the body, exacerbating discomfort. This combination of internal and external factors makes it difficult for hot sleepers to achieve a restful night's sleep without intervention 

Disrupted sleep due to overheating isn't just uncomfortable, it can significantly impact your health. Our passion here at Coop is creating products that help improve your sleep and thus your overall well-being, and we utilized cutting-edge scientific research to develop the Cooling line to combat sweaty nights. This collection is meticulously engineered to target the core problems of overheating, using advanced materials and designs that optimize airflow and temperature regulation throughout the night. 

Explore the Cooling Collection: Tailored for Unmatched Comfort 

  • Cooling Pillowcase: Our CoolSpa Pillowcase features unique cooling fibers and advanced moisture-wicking properties, providing immediate heat relief that lasts all night. These pillowcases not only cool but also prevent sweating which promotes skin health, ensuring that both your sleep and skin are cared for. 
  • Cooling Mattress Protector: The Ultra Cool mattress protector stands out with its dual-action capabilities: it disperses heat and manages moisture simultaneously. Designed to fit a variety of mattress sizes, it provides complete waterproof protection without compromising on comfort. 
  • Cooling Bed Sheets: Experience the ultimate breathability with our CoolSpa bed sheet sets. Made from our innovative CoolPhiber fabric, a blend of nylon and spandex, these sheets excel in thermal regulation, significantly reducing sweat and discomfort, allowing you to enjoy a cooler night's sleep. 
  • Cooling Blankets: Our CoolSpa blankets are similar to a comforter and designed to maintain a comfortable body temperature without being overly heavy, ensuring you stay cool without sacrificing the cozy feeling of a blanket. 
  • Cooling Pillow Covers: The pillow covers are expertly designed to enhance cooling comfort for all types of sleepers. In addition to our standard rectangular, our Cooling collection includes three new pillow cover shapes: Crescent, Cut-Out, and Toddler. All feature advanced cooling technology that helps regulate temperature, ensuring a cool and soothing sleep environment. 
  • Cool+ Pillows: The cooling pillows are available in Eden, Crescent, and Cut-Out shapes, and are crafted with advanced cooling materials to provide optimal temperature regulation and exceptional comfort. These pillows are designed to cater to various sleeping styles, ensuring a cool and restful night's sleep for every user. 

Advanced Cooling Technologies at Work 

At the heart of Coop Sleep Goods’ Cooling+ line is a suite of advanced technologies, meticulously designed to target and alleviate the discomfort that hot sleepers often endure. Here’s a closer look at these innovative solutions: 

  • Breathable FabricsThe Cooling+ line uses our CoolPhiber fabric that enhances airflow, which helps to dissipate heat away from the body. Our CoolPhiber products have an average QMax rating (the measure of how cool a material is) of .40, almost three times cooler than that of bamboo.
  • Moisture-Wicking Technologies: These draw moisture away from the body, facilitating a dry and comfortable sleeping environment. Moisture management is crucial for reducing sweat accumulation, which is often a major issue for hot sleepers. 
  • Gel-Infused Foams: Used primarily in our mattress protectors and pillows, these foams are infused with cooling gels that help to further draw heat away from the body, ensuring that the surface remains cool to the touch throughout the night.

    Tips for a Cooler Sleep Environment 

    To further enhance the effects of the Cooling products, incorporating the following strategies into your sleep environment can make a significant difference: 

    • Control Room Temperature: Keeping your bedroom at a cooler temperature, ideally around 65-68 degrees Fahrenheit, can help lower your body temperature and promote better sleep. 
    • Use Air Circulation: Employ ceiling fans or a standing fan to promote air circulation in your bedroom. The movement of air can enhance the breathability of your bedding and help dissipate heat. 
    • Blackout Curtains and Shades: These can be very effective at blocking out heat from sunlight, keeping the room naturally cooler. 
    • Hydration: Drinking enough water throughout the day, but avoiding excessive fluids before bedtime, can help regulate your body temperature. 
    • Cooling Pillows: Consider using a specially designed Cool+ pillow as an addition to your cooling items to enhance your sleeping experience. 

      Each of these tips, combined with the expanded Cooling collection, is designed to help hot sleepers not only survive but thrive in their quest for a cooler, more restorative night’s sleep. Together, they offer a comprehensive approach to managing sleep temperature effectively. 

      FAQs Tailored for Hot Sleepers 

      • How does the CoolSpa pillowcase help in reducing night sweats? By using materials that pull moisture away from the skin and promote air circulation around the head. 
      • What are the unique features of the Ultra Cool mattress protector? It combines moisture management using waterproof technology with a breathable design to keep the sleeping surface cool and dry. 
      • Are CoolSpa blankets heavy? No, they are designed to be lightweight yet cozy, ideal for maintaining a cool body temperature. 
      • What are the best practices for maintaining the performance of Cooling products? Regular washing in accordance with care instructions and avoiding high heat in drying. 

      The Cooling collection is more than just bedding; it’s a lifestyle upgrade for hot sleepers. We invite you to experience the difference with Coop Sleep Goods and enjoy cool, comfortable, and continuous sleep every night.