Coop Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about our loyalty program, Coop Rewards? We’ve got answers! 

Q: What is Coop Rewards?

A: Coop Rewards is our loyalty program and it’s our way of giving back to Coop-lovers like you! Through this program, you can score points by shopping, referring friends, and other super simple steps and use them towards sleep supplies and experiences you could only dream of! If you’re new here, get started by creating a free account and we’ll treat you to 25 points just for signing up!

Q: What if I already have a Coop account?

A: There are no extra steps to get started! Simply log in to your account to check out your status and learn all the ways to start earning points!

Q: How do I earn points?

A: There are many ways to collect points, from writing reviews and referring friends to simply shopping on our website! Once you’re a part of the program, just log in before shopping and you’ll earn 1 point for every $1 you spend!


Q: I’m an international customer. Can I still join?

A: At the moment, this program is only open to US residents. But stay tuned — as we expand into new countries, so will Coop Rewards! 

Q: Can I still earn points if I purchase one of your products from another retailer?

A: Unfortunately, no. Coop Rewards is exclusive to those shopping on our website.

Q: Where can I view my Coop Rewards status and points balance?

A: Log in to your Coop account to see how many points you’ve collected — and redeem them!

Q: Are there any restrictions to this program?

A: A few! You can review our terms and conditions here.

Q: Do my points ever expire?

A: Points expire after one year of inactivity. Once you earn them, be sure to use them within 12 months!

Q: How do I join Coop Rewards?

A: Start by creating an account (it’s fast and free!). After that, you can earn points by shopping on our website, referring your friends, and more. 

Q: When will my points be available to use?

A: Some points are available immediately (like the points you receive for joining) while others (like posting a review or tagging us on social media) take up to 30 days to post. To learn what’s what, just check out our terms and conditions here

Q: How do you calculate the amount of points I’m earning on my order?

A: As a Coop Rewards member, you’ll earn 1 point for every $1 you spend — excluding tax and any applied discounts. 

Q: Can I earn points for past purchases?

A: Sorry, but Coop Rewards points only accumulate once you’ve officially become a member. So if you’re not yet signed up, make sure to do so. And if you are, always log in before shopping to earn your points! 

Q: How do I refer a friend?

A: Visit the Coop Rewards page to share Coop with your friends via email. If you prefer, you can also copy a dedicated link and send it to friends yourself!

Here’s how the process works:

Give a friend 20% off their first order. (new customers only!)

Once they complete a purchase over $50, you’ll get 200 points.

Please note this can take up to 30 days for processing.

Q: What happens if I refer a friend and they return part of their order or their entire order?

A: Our pillows are so comfy and adjustable that most people want to keep them. However, if your friend’s total is less than $50 after a return, unfortunately you won’t receive points.